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Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Tutorial

The simple pond example demonstrates Simgua's ability to develop a model from scratch. Often, however, you will need to deal with a number of modeling tasks that are all very similar and deal with the same type of subject. For instance, if you are an electrical engineer you will need to deal with many transistor, resistor, and inductor items. You obviously do not want to have to recreate an inductor from stocks and flows each time you need one.

Fortunately, Simgua comes with a powerful component mechanism that allows you to string together basic building blocks of a system into a complete model. For the electrical engineering case, you could develop components for resistors, voltage sources, current sources, and all the other basic circuitry. Then you could reuse them in your own models or share them with colleagues or clients.

A set of components are bundled with Simgua to aid in the design of wastewater treatment plants. These components include custom definitions of water as a physical and realistic material, sedimentation tanks, aerators, biological reactors, and more. All of these components are easily configurable using Simgua's unique calibration page mechanism that gives component designers incredible control over the end user experience.

A Few of the Simgua WWTP Components

The end user can simply add these components to their model and connect them together with flows to design and test a complete wastewater treatment plant. It really is that easy! And if the user wants to add new components or modify the existing components, they can do so with a click of a button (though Simgua does come with a tool for locking commercial components so others cannot edit them or examine their inner workings).

Take a look at the following example of a WWTP developed in Simgua. This plant includes chemical, biological and physical treatment technologies. It is based on an actual treatment plant designed to service almost a million people. A full case study discussing its development can be downloaded here.

Though Simgua comes with WWTP components, opportunities for independent developers to create and distribute their own components are endless. We believe that at its core, Simgua is not an application. Rather it is a platform on which you build your own applications tailored towards specific modeling tasks. So why don't you download Simgua and try your hand at creating components for your own custom modeling applications.