The development of Simgua is currently on hold. We recommend you explore if you want a System Dynamics tool being actively developed.

Purchase Simgua Licenses

Just specify the type and quantity of Simgua licenses that you wish to purchase. You may then make your payment for Simgua using Google Checkout, our secure payment processor. Your serial number to convert the trial version of Simgua to a full-featured copy will be emailed to you promptly when payment is received.

We also provide a PayPal payment option for those who prefer it. If you wish to pay by check, some other means, or have any other questions about the license process, contact

Academic Simgua

A single-user license for academics and students only. If you are using Simgua to aid in commercial work, you must buy a non-academic license.

Simgua for Macintosh

Full commercial single user license. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and newer systems. Runs on both Intel and PowerPC computers.

Simgua for Windows

Full commercial single user license. Compatible with Windows XP and Vista computers.

Simgua Enterprise Server

$4870 for a year license
The Simgua Enterprise Server can be used to build rich, interactive on-line simulation models and tools. It integrates with industrial servers such as Apache and is available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows Server. The Simgua Enterprise Server is used to power the Simgua Live service and is infinitely customizable.

There is a discount of 15% for purchases of five or more licenses. This discount is automatically applied. Please contact for details of classroom and site licensing options.