The development of Simgua is currently on hold. We recommend you explore if you want a System Dynamics tool being actively developed.

Managing Complexity

We live in a complicated world which creates new challenges for us as a society. From financial crises to a smokestack in China creating a draught in Texas, we are surrounded by examples of complexity out of control.

Simgua is built to simulate and model complex systems. If you have just started your adventure with system dynamics it will guide you through creating your first models. Whether you are interested in the financial system, sustainability and ecology, defense strategies, or the sales projections of a new product; Simgua is designed to model your problem. Simgua is very easy to use. Even the most detailed of models can be created by simply dragging and dropping the different parts of your model. Download our free trial to see how easy and intuitive Simgua is to use.

A Powerful Tool

If you are an experienced user however, Simgua will provide you with a set of very advanced tools to achieve the exact results you want. What is more we have open-sourced our analysis algorithms, so you can always verify the results of your simulation. The power user will take control of Simgua using Visual Basic and macros to fine tune every aspect of their model and analysis.

The Tool You Want to Use

Simgua comes with the tools you need built-in. Optimized for speed, and including many ways to input and visualize your data, Simgua is the tool for researchers and professionals attempting to manage complexity. Examples of the built-in tools include optimization, risk assessment, and sensitivity analysis studios.

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User Reviews

“Simgua is ideal for rapidly developing our models and testing their compatibility with experimental data.” [More...]

LG and JM, Victoria University, New Zealand

“There is an extensive array of simulation packages available for developing System Dynamic models though if your intent is to investigate relationships rather than spending a substantial portion of your time developing diagrams then Simgua wins hands down.... Simgua is extremely capable and surprisingly priced. If you are serious about developing simulation models you really should take Simgua out for a test drive.” [More...]

Gene Bellinger,